Our Motivation & Vision

Annette, co-founder of Frameless, wanted to show her new Vienna apartment to her parents back in Germany. But photo sharing and video chatting weren’t enough to convey the feeling of the space. She wanted to show her entire apartment in virtual reality. Better yet, to capture it entirely with just her smartphone.

In a future where VR has the potential to impact everyday life, content is king. The problem today is with the speed and volume of content creation. Creating VR content requires years of training and access to expensive and cumbersome tools. Our vision is to empower billions of people around the world with the ability to create immersive content anywhere and anytime. Our mobile app will easily transform any indoor or outdoor environment into an immersive virtual walkthrough. This is made possible through the use of state-of-the-art image processing techniques and our novel robust localization technique. Plus with the power of WebVR and WebGL, anyone can experience these virtual tours with or without a VR headset.

These 360° tours can also be augmented with extra content such as videos, landmarks, and text bubbles. Not only will family and friends benefit from sharing these informative experiences, but so too will countless industries. Including: real estate, tourism, factory maintenance, and immersive journalism.

Together we will revolutionize VR content creation!


Frameless is a tight-knit team of analytical, creative, and curious VR enthusiasts who are committed to bringing down barriers and complexity of creating immersive digital experiences by developing novel solutions that makes it very easy for people to do that.

Annette Mossel, PhD

Co-Founder | CEO

Annette is a researcher at heart, who loves to think of tomorrow’s technology and create novel solutions to enable them. She has a demonstrated history of developing innovative technologies beyond the state of the art, with more than ten years of virtual reality research experience at MIT Media Lab, Fraunhofer IGD, and Vienna University of Technology. She developed Frameless core idea and technology.

Hossam El-Sifary, MBA

Co-Founder | CBO

Hossam enjoys finding the beauty in a complex problem or situation and breaking it down to simpler more addressable problems. When he and Annette founded Frameless in 2017, Hossam built on 15 years of diversified international business, and more than 5 years of mentoring technology startups. He is a mechanical engineer, and also did an MBA with focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Rafael Perndorfer, MSc

Software Engineer

Rafael got excited by virtual reality during his postgrad years at the Vienna University of Technology, where he joined the virtual reality research group as a research student. Besides working on algorithms for VR and 3DUI, he loves diving into software architecture concepts to produce robust and sustainable code.

Christian Schönauer, PhD

Senior Software Engineer

Christian likes digging into deep tech problems and solving them using out-of-the box thinking and robust coding. He builds his solutions on more than ten years of R&D experience in the field of virtual and augmented reality, holds a PhD in Computer Science and has gathered international experience at MIT Media Lab, Austrian Academy of Sciences and Vienna University of Technology.

Thai Phan, MSc

Senior Product Manager

Thai is fascinated by how humans keep pace with constant technological innovation. Prior to joining Frameless, he was an industrial design engineer with the USC Institute for Creative Technologies’ famed Mixed Reality Lab, where he studied the social implications of interacting inside virtual environments, designed open source VR technologies, and developed a test bed for human-drone teams.

Prof. Hannes Kaufmann, PhD


Professor and head of virtual & augmented reality research group at Vienna University of Technology, Austria.

Matthias Zeppelzauer, PhD


Senior researcher for computer vision and machine learning at University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten, Austria.

We are hiring!

We are a growing team of VR enthusiasts working on the next big thing. We have multiple years of experience in the field and looking for smart and talented team members who share our vision. We offer an exciting start-up environment and the chance to work on leading edge technology.

So, if you'd like to join our mission, drop us a message.

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